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Week 1: Introductions

Introductions.  / Oblique Strategies. / Autobiographical characters. 

In class exercises: 

Look at the oblique strategies cards. Talk about how you might apply them to your practice.  Draw a self portrait, autobiographical character, create an “inventory.”


oblique strategies


Homework A: Play Zork for at least 15 minutes. If you aren’t familiar with the game, don’t look up how to play before you start. If you get frustrated, you can look it up, but please start with no prior knowledge (if you have none). Write a paragraph (or two) about your experience playing the game. 

Homework B: Write 1-2 paragraphs about your experience with the Oblique Strategies cards in class and how you might apply them to your practice. In addition, come up with 2-3 of your own cards. 

Week 2: Games

The Quiet Year. 


card draw 


Organize your notes from playing The Quiet Year. Describe the setting, major events, and characters. Download and install Sublime Text.  Create a account with your Pratt email address / send me your glitch @ so I can add you to the class Glitch page.

Recorded Lecture: Watch 3 videos:

Week 3: Introduction to HTML  

Introduction to basic HTML terms and coding practices. 

In class exercise: 

Inspired by the Oblique Strategies cards, make a web page about anything using Add it to the class Glitch page.


w3schools (html)

sublime text

Homework: Using the image provided as a guide, create an HTML web page.

Recorded Lecture: Watch video series “HTML & CSS” before next class.